Maker Faire is the Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth—a family-friendly festival of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the Maker movement.

Sparkle Balls are a decorative craft item, usually made with mini lights and plastic cups.
Sparkle balls are easy to make!

 There are lots of instructions and videos on the internet showing how to make your own!

The Pixel Balls!  exhibit will be in the  Viscusi Gallery (The  Dark Room) of World Maker Faire 2016, at the New York Hall of Science, Queens, NY, October 1-2. 

See  LED balls with microcontrollers.


Crafted with 

 WS2811 LED 50 Pixel string.

Controlled by Arduino Nano.

Thank you 

FastLED library.

Runs DemoReel100 sketch.

individually addressable

For my videos see the SparkleBall Jones channel on YouTube!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Pixel Balls! exhibit at the New York World Maker Faire 2016!

We were honored that Make used a photo from our exhibit on their Live Update page.

We were also honored to receive three Editor's Choice ribbons from the Make editorial staff.  Thanks!

Here is a brief YouTube video  showing what it was like at the Pixel Balls! table.

My favorite instructions are on the Sparkleball Lady's website here:

Make the Original

The Sparkleball Lady has recently created an easy to build Sparkleball kit!

Sparkleball kit


Crafted December 2010 from 150 count 'chaser' mini-lights.

Thank you Sparkleball lady.

See her web site:


Crafted with

GE 'Color Effects'

Color Changing

light show.

GE-35 50 LED set.

individually addressable